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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Great Prank War, Men's Turn (Round 1)

So... almost two months ago Ryan and I pulled our prank on the girls.  I know it's been a really long time since then, making this post well over-due, but it's finally here!  (But short....)

So, planning for this prank took a while.  Ryan and I have had our plans for a few months before we found the perfect time to execute our plan.  Our plan was to stuff Katie's and Paige's car with packing peanuts and newspaper.  This had to be done at night when the girls were both asleep.  It also had to be done when we wouldn't cause the girls to be late for anything the next morning.  What better time to do this than LDS General Conference weekend?

So, first thing's first, we needed a way to get into the girl's locked cars.  Ryan came up with the idea to make copies of their keys and use those.  So one day Ryan took Paige out shopping with him while I snuck into his house, stole Paige's keys from there, drove to Lowes, copied the key and drove back to Ryan's house before he and Paige got back.  It worked.  Then a few days later I snatched one of Katie's spare keys from her room.

Win.  After we had their keys in our possession, we just needed to buy the supplies next.  So Ryan and I went out on the Wednesday before we were going to prank the girls and bought one GIANT bag of packing peanuts, wax pineapples, ribbon, chocolate-scented candles, magnetic alarms, and some other supplies to randomly put in their cars.

Then we went to Ryan's house to store everything.  Then I brought in a big pile of newspapers to mix in with the packing peanuts, and we spent almost an hour crumpling up all of the newspaper.

 (Our hands were black afterwards)

So we had everything planned, bought, stored, and prepared for our visit to the girls' houses on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  When we finally got to stuffing the girls' cars, they ended up looking something like this:

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