"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Home is not where you live, but where they understand you." - Christion Morgenstern
"There are some things you can't share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them." -J.K. Rowling

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Worst bunch of Pirates you'll ever meet!

Its no secret that I am the plotter and I bare my title with pride! Tonight was one of my better ideas if I do say so myself. Paige has been out of town for pretty much the entire Christmas Break, but that wasn't going to stop me! I've been wanting to do something worth telling about for a VERY long time.

Maddy Taylor -The Little Samurai- and I decided last night that we were going to finally live up to one of the quotes on the blog: "My next door neighbor just hoisted the Jolly Roger, I think that means they commandeered the neighborhood." however we did not commandeer a neighborhood. Our story begins with Maddy and I trying to find the Jolly Roger. Shockingly enough it is rather hard to find a pirate flag at the end of December. After trudging our way through three different party/toy stores (and not to mention the treasure chest and aloha bubbly gum coins that we picked up on the way) we found ourselves at the mall, turns out that unique gifts carry's pirate flags, who knew! We gathered our things and broke for a few hours, only to be reunited by the blasted snow storm. After dressing in our very sexy pirate apparel we set out.

As any good Plotter knows the outcome of every adventure can be pretty much marked by the first five minutes, and Maddy and I were not off to a good start; we couldn't even get the gate open to leave my backyard! After wrestling with the gate for a while we hobbled our way to her car, only to find that her keys were missing. We make the worst pirate team of all freaking time! Lucky for us Maddy keeps an extra set of car keys in her martial arts bag. Everything we thought was sure to be smooth sailing from there.

We began our commandeering by stealing the beloved Harry Potter books from their shrine and hiding them behind some other books, then we set sail on her bed! Every good pirate knows that you must set sail to find your buried treasure, but there was a slight problem, we didn't have a map. So being the cunning teenage pirates we are, we simply made one on the spot. During the map making process, we suddenly heard footsteps echoing from the upstairs. My heart plunged into my stomach! I honestly thought we were dead.
A voice rang from upstairs,"Hello?" the voice of a male carried downstairs.
"Hey," I responded shaking, "We are Paige's two best friends!" I figured that no matter what I said I would most likely end up attempting to explain to the cops that I wasn't in fact stealing anything but I was honestly the best friend of one the girls who lived here. But it was worth a try.
"Katie?" The voice said shocked.
Suddenly Taylor -Captain Jack- appeared from the 'secret staircase', a look of utter bewilderment on his face. My heart slowed just a bit, but I then realized how ridiculous Maddy and I looked, dressed like pirates without Paige being home.
"Hey Taylor!" Maddy exclaimed.
"What are you doing?" He asked edging toward the two of us.
"Commandeering Paige's room!" I said with my classic plotting smile.
"Can I join?!" A smile slid across his face.
"Of course! We'll just have to write you into our story."

We were suddenly off again with Taylor as a mate on our adventure! To make things better he brought his Ipod which had the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack on it! We ventured onward for a few hours more, and successfully commandeered Paige's room by hoisting the Jolly Roger above her bed. To make things even better all 85 pictures made it on facebook!

Moments Like These

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wait, you can rent golf carts? No. Way.

*****BTW, this story is the background story to the story about our day at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens... so read it.******

So, me and Katie have this tradition of always being... stupid. It's not like we plan it, it's just that we do stupid stuff when we're together. This time is not an exception.

Once upon a very long time ago, Katie and I were just clocking off, and I decided that I wanted to show Katie the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. I've always loved this place, and I thought I should show her the beauty inside. So I drove her over from our work, paid for the admission, and we started to walk towards the beauty. As we were just walking out, I noticed some golf carts that were parked outside. I ignored them, and Katie and I started our trek down to the waterfall (my favorite attraction). Then, all of a sudden, out of no where, by surprise, without prior notice, a golf cart with guests drove past us.

"Wait, you can rent golf carts?" Katie asked. "No. Way."

"Yeah, it's like 20 bucks." I said.

"Oh, never mind then."

"Katie?" I turned to her. "I have twenty dollars, we are so renting a golf cart!"

"Okay," her excited voice screamed.  I ran back inside to buy a golf cart, and walked out with a cashier who instructed us on how to use a golf cart.  After making fun of the fact that we already knew the peddle on the right meant "go," Katie and I were off!

*Keep in mind, Katie and I are teenagers.  We were just handed a golf cart in a public garden.  Let the games begin.*

Katie had the wheel first, and she speed (well, as fast as you can in a golf cart.  Let me repeat: well, as fast as you can in a golf cart.  Have I made it clear that golf carts are not fast?  Okay, good.  Keep this in mind when you read the next Gardens story.) down the hill towards... fun!  Her and I switched off several times during the two hour period driving our rented green friend.  We sped around everywhere we could, having fun, laughing, talking, the works.  Then, Katie found a spot in the path where two other trails met and came to a circle- a round a bout.  Next thing I know, I am seeing the same spot in the grass every seven seconds, and Katie drove in circles screaming "Round-a-bout!!!!!"

I laughed as Katie drove us around and around and around again on this little round-a-bout we found in the middle of the gardens.  After going around the twenty sixth time Katie looks over at me, "Why is it that my brother takes me on better dates than my boyfriend?"  I just laughed as I grabbed the wheel from her, pulling her out of the circle saying "Because I'm sexier than him, and he's a whore."

Then I directed Katie towards the waterfalls.  If any of you don't know anything about the waterfall at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens, it is the biggest man-made waterfall in the Western Hemisphere (that's North and South America.  Yeah, I passed world geography).  This thing is HUGE! and it's beautiful!  There's trail at the top where you can look down and look at all of the inner workings of the waterfall.  I instructed Katie through the small trail, looking at the beauty inside the waterfall.  As we were pulling out of the waterfall, I looked behind to see a sign that said
No Segways
No Wheelchairs
No Golf Carts
"Umm, Katie?" I said.  "Look at the sign behind us."  She stopped the car and just laughed, "we better not get in trouble for that!"  We hurried off of that trail and back to our starting point.

Not long after, it was my turn to drive, so I grabbed the wheel, and I "just happened" to find the round-a-bout again, and Katie and I spun around continuously for several minutes.  Katie and I always went back to that place to go around in circles.  By the end of the day, Katie and I had probably spent about twenty minutes total just spinning in the round-a-bout.  It was awesome.  As we walked out of the gardens, we had decided that we would invite Ryan and Paige along really soon the next time we wanted to go to the gardens.  That day ended up being August 16th, and that story will have to wait.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ryan and I

Even in this Family, we've got our clicks. Katie and Tanner end up doing a lot together, and Ryan and I end up doing a lot together. I can't claim to know the inner workings of Tanner and Katie's relationship, but Ryan and I's goes pretty deep. I've known him for just over six months at the least, and he is one of TWO people that really gets me. I'm not discrediting Katie and Tanner at all, Ryan and I just think on the same brainwave, if that makes any sense. I don't know if any of you reading this have that person that just immediately understands you, but let me tell you, it can change your life.
As you can probably guess, with one thing or another (which is a MUCH more loaded phrase than most people realize), Ryan and I have gotten really close. So, as I was saying my final goodbyes today (before my trip to Hawaii for a week, just to clear up any confusion in case you got the wrong idea from the 'I'm Not Going Anywhere post), he stayed a little later than Katie and Tanner, because I'd been with them while he was working and they had to take Katie's cousin Caleb - The Inspiration - back to his home in Spanish Fork. We didn't want to go into my house because the rest of my family was scrambling to get ready for our trip but we didn't want to stand out in the cold, so we ended up sitting in front of my house in Birdie - The Painted. We just talked about this and that, covering anything we felt like we needed to for the past and previous weeks.
We should have known something was up when about 10 different cars passed us. First off, it was about 11:30 at night. Secondly, my road is never really busy, unless school is just getting out. Ryan even said, "I've never seen this many cars on this road." We just ignored them though. It was harder to ignore the huge white truck, however, because it decided to stop outside my neighbor's house, with its lights off. We both watched for someone to get out, but there was no sign of life. Feeling like we'd rather not be focusing on the looming locomotive, we did our best to ignore it, talking still, but we stopped when the car lurched forward and came at us, aiming for poor, defenseless Birdie - The Painted. Right before it was about to hit Birdie - The Painted - the truck turned and continued like it was just going down the street. Suddenly, there was this blinding light behind us, as the truck's headlights appeared in Birdie - The Painted's - back window. Both of us gasped for air as the blue and red 'cop lights' flashed behind us. When I say flashed, I quite literally mean flashed, because the officer only kept the lights on for a second or two.
Ryan and I waited, with baited breath, waiting for any sign of movement from the cop, and didn't see any for an unusually long minute or so - which really is a pretty slow reaction time, believe me, I would know. Finally, I see the beam of a flashlight on the road next to the truck and Ryan rolls down his window. The cop meanders up to Birdie - The Painted - making sure to check the back seat before coming level with Ryan's window.
"How're you guys doing tonight?" he asks.
I honestly had to resist the urge to roll my eyes. Like he really cared.
"We're good," Ryan and I replied simultaneously.
"What're you up too?" he asked - finally getting to the point.
"We're just sitting here talking. . ." Ryan said nervously.
"Well you don't get too many people 'talking' in a car outside some one's house on a Tuesday night," the cop said.
"It's her house," Ryan said instantly, pointing at me.
I waved, like 'Hi, I'm innocent, I swear.'
"Oh, that makes much more sense," the cop said, as apologetically as a cop could. "I had to check, you know, just because."
"It's fine," we replied.
"Have a good night you guys," he said.
"Thank you, sir, you too," we said, and I waved again for good measure.
He went back to his car and pulled away. Only when we were out of his sight range did we collapse in on each other, dying of laughter.
"They're following me," I said. "I'm telling you."
"It's just your luck, Paige," he replied, shaking his head.
Moments Like These

Friday, December 17, 2010

Truly A Family

If I were to look back on the eighteen years I've been alive, I'd tell you that I, honestly, hardly remember any of it. It's not like I repress memories, though there are a few that I know I have, it's just that I've got a really odd way of sorting through what is important and what isn't. This is why I started the blog - so that I'd always remember no matter what. I feel like this says it all for me. "Even though we've changed and we're all finding our own place in the world, we all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we'll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where welre not all still friends."
You've seen our posts about the song 'Old School' by Hedley. I did another one of those turn a song into a story kind of writings for that song, and, naturally, Ryan, Katie, and Tanner all star in this particular story. (*it is written as a follow up to my previous writing on For Good. Again, I didn't move, and am not going to move to Florida. EVER.)

Old School
"Mommy, the phone is fo' you," Kialya, my daughter, called from below.
"Who, love?" I asked, looking up from my computer.
"Aunt Kate," she answered - I pulled myself out of my chair.
"I'm coming," I called, mounting the spiral stairs. Her velvet coice prattled on, filling Katie's ear with the deepest desires of her two-year old life.
"Mommy is making her story," I heard. "She say she almost done, but guess what Aunt Kate? I know what happens!"
There was a moment of silence - the little angel's laugh tinkled, "But Aunt Kate, I pwomised I wouldn't tell!"
"Tell her what?" I asked, walking into the room.
"She wanna know how it ends," Kialya said in her best tattle-tale tone.
"Nope," I said, picking her up - her small form resting on my hip. "Not even your daddy knows that, huh?"
"No," she said with the girlish chuckle that I cherished, "but I do 'cause I special. Bye-bye, Aunt Kate."
She handed me the phone and snuggled her head into my neck. "Hello, love," I said inot the reciever.
"Ahoy-hoy, we're still on for dinner at your house, right?"
"Yeup, I'm gonna get started as soon as I'm off the phone."
"Awesome, I just had to check - you get so wrapped up in that book of yours," she said. "I'll see you in an hour."
"Yeup, don't die."
She just laughed in response. The line went dead. I set Kialya down, and headed to the kitchen.
"Is Aunt Kate comin'?" she asked, struggling onto one of the mahogany chairs around the table.
"She is," I said, bustling around the kitchen for the makings of dinner - which I really had forgotten about. "Do you know what that means?"
"Is Unca Tanner and Unca Ditty comin' too?" asked ehr eager voice; I couldn't help but smile as her face lit up.
I nodded and an excited squeal tore from her soul.
"Do I gets presnts?"
"We'll see," I said, shaking my head - they spoiled her as if she were their grandkid.
"Will you make 'pasketti, mommy? 'Pasketti is nommy."
"You read my mind, angel," I said. "How about you get your words? You can practice them in here while mommy makes dinner."
She waddled off and was back in seconds clutching her little 'rhyming families' folder. She poured over the words studiously as I continued to prepare dinner. Once everything was cooking, I washed my hands - Kialya looked up expectantly.
"Honey, I'm going to get ready," I said. "Don't go near the stove."
She nodded and went back to her words. I was just attempting to sneak back to my book when I heard a knock and the pitter-patter of Kialya's feet.
"Who is it?" she called through the door.
"The boogey man," taunted Ryan's voice from outside.
"But the booey man sca-wee," she whined. "Can you not be booey man?"
I heard Ryan laugh from the other side of the door, "It's Uncle Ditty, Kialya."
She squealed and threw the door open. Ryan stood in the empty frame, taller than ever, but it didn't stop him from bending down to Kialya's height to say hello properly - which sometimes included a gift - chocolate, little toys, a puppy - and always a hug.
"Oh! This is my favorite kind!" she squealed as I walked into the room.
"Hey, Ry," I said, he straightened and we hugged. "What have I told you about spoiling her dinner?"
"I was at the store. . . I couldnt' resist," he said, putting his hands up.
"Look at what I got!" Kialya demanded proudly, showing me a 'Cookies n' Cream' bar.
"Nom! Why don't you go hide it until it's time for desert?"
She toddled off.
"She is just like you," said Ryan. "How's the book coming?"
"I'm almost done," I said, leading him into the kitchen. "I've just gotta work out the dedication."
"You'll get it," he said, glancing around. "Where's the hubby?"
"The game," I said, rolling my eyes. "He knew I have you guys over tonight so he made plans with his friends, since I refuse to go."
Ryan smiled knowingly and Kialya came back into the room - utterly confused.
"Can'da is at the door," she said.
Ryan and I laughed aloud. "Wel, ket Canada in," I told her, she scuttled off.
"Tanner is here," I said, pulling the breadsticks out of the oven.
A second later he led Kialya back into the room.
"Where are we going?" he asked her.
"Can'da!" she cried happily.
"I've trained you well," said Tanner.
"Is mommy coming?" she asked.
"Nope, I'm going to kidnap you," he replied, singnaling her to 'shh!'
She copied him, and pulled herself back onto her chair.
"You kidnap her and you'll never see the light of day again," I said slowly.
"Oh . . . mommy mad," Kialya whispered to Ryan, who busted up while I pulled Tanner into a hug.
"How're you?" I asked.
"Never better," he replied.
The front door slammed and Kialya gasped - her eyes widening with excitement.
"Where's my favorite angel?" Katie's voice called.
"AUNT KATE!" Kialya screamed as Katie walked into the kitchen.
Katie scooped her up and the child clung to her neck. "You have lout shoes again!"
Katie reached down, pulling off a heel - bigger than any I'd ever seen - to show her, "Yeah, because loud shoes rock, right?"
Her student nodded dutifully.
"Who is going to buy them for you, Kia?" I asked.
She looked from me to Katie - deciding. "Mommy."
Katie high-fived her, "That's my girl."
"I'm forwarding you the bill," I muttered, setting the plates out on the table. "Kia, hon, will you go put your words away? We need the table."
She snatched the folder from the table and ran from the room - clutching it to her chest.
"I can't believe she's already reading those," Katie said.
"Not really, but I told oyu, before kindergarten she'll be reading. Once she can read well enough, we'll start on Harry Potter - not that she doesn't already know about it."
"Of course," Tanner muttered.
"Kialya came back in and I lifted her up.
"Let's eat," I said, setting her on a chair. Katie and Ryan fought over the seat on her left side while Tanner peaceably sat on her right. I sat downand we dug in.
"How is everyone doing?" I asked.
"No attacks this month," Katie reported. Ryan breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm probably going to find the cure for this before any of the doctors I've been to. My professors know more than they do."
We all laughed.
"I've been good," Ryan said. "School is going to start up again soon. I've only bought like five things on E-bay this year."
"There has GOT to be a group for that," Katie muttered.
"You're a freshman, right?" I asked.
"Senior, Paige," he said exasperated.
"At least I remembered you were in school. How are the languages coming?"
He answered in a garbled mess of sounds that I recognized as Chinese.
"'Scuse me?" Kialya asked.
Ryan snorted into his pasta.
"I'm great," Tanner reported. I might actually get to go to Canada at the end of the month - and the district is going to pay for all of it. OH yeah."
He winked at Kialya - she giggled.
"I good," Kialya said. "We're gonna feed duckies tomorrow."
"I'm awesome," I said, smiling when Tanner quacked. "Once my dedication is done the book will be ready for the publisher."
"That rocks," Ryan said.
Tanner nodded approvingly.
"Why is it taking you so long for the dedication?" Katie asked. "Isn't it just 'Thank you Mom and Dad' - done?"
"It's got to mean something."
It was silent for a minute while we all concentrated on our food.
"We should make this a tradition," Ryan said suddenly, "now that we're finally all in the same state again."
I looked down, a sudden heat in my face.
"We could alternate houses," Katie suggested. "With each of us in charge of our own week."
"I don't think my roommates would be able to handle having you guys in our apartment," Ryan said. "Besides, I'm a starving student, remember? I can barely feed me, let alone all of you."
"We could have it here every week," I said, quietly. "I wouldn't mind at all."
"It isn't your fault, Paige," Katie said, picking up on my shame. "Your dad got the job and you had to move with your family."
"Nothing was ever the same without you though," Ryan said.
Tanner nodded his agreement.
"How'd we end up here?" I asked. "Seven years of texts, phone calls, and maybe a day a year - yet, we're all still here - all grown up, and still best friends."
"Grown up?" Tanner chuckled. "How'd we manage that?"
Ryan chuckled.
"Yeah, I distinctly remember fighting time," Katie said. "We never really left our selves time to grow up."
"Hey, we had our moments," I said defensively. "We'd sit down for conversations and I'd get up feeling five years older, over and over again."
"Yah, but you remember all of the things we've done," Ryan said. "I know we all do."
"Like when we took those air mattresses to that pond?" Tanner asked.
"And Katie convinced the little girl there that she was queen of the mermaids," I said, shaking my head.
"That was funny - you know it," Katie said.
"Oh yeah," Ryan said. "I was the butler, huh?"
"Yeah, and then you got caught in that no service hick town, remember?"
"What about when I made him a stripper?" Tanner asked, cracking up.
"Those poor Starbucks employees," Katie muttered to me.
"What about the off-roading ventures?"
"Or when I exploded Starbucks all over your car?"
"Good ole Denton."
"Or when we shredded Tanner's tires?"
"Or the 10,000 shampoos."
"What about when I proposed to Katie on the street corner?"
"After the epic car chase? Yeah, that was AWEsome."
"Or redneck-sledding."
"That hill was never the same."
"Or the car wars."
I glanced at Kialya - her eyes followed the conversation, lit with a dream-like kind of light. I couldn't get over how much she loved these guys - I knew she would idolize them for the rest of time: they would be the inspiration for her crazy years. I suddenly had an idea.
* * * *
A week later, Katie, Ryan, and Tanner all went to their mailboxes to find a tightly wrapped, unmarked package. Each tore the paper to find a hard bound copy of the book - a marker on the dedication page.
To how caviler we used to be,
The beautiful insanity -
Now it won't ever fade.
Moments Like These

Friday, December 10, 2010

Paige and Katie in a Nutshell

It has long since been established that Paige and I have possible the most unique relationship in this group, we are total and complete best friends, even though we are the polar opposites of one another. I have recently learned that there will never be anything that can change the fact that we are best friends, no matter how much it may seem that way at the time. However, there are two things you must understand Paige is "My friend the communist", and has left an irreplaceable "handprint on my heart". To understand our relationship there are two songs: "Soak Up the Sun", By: Sheryl Crow, and "For Good", from the musical Wicked.

"Soak Up The Sun"

My friend the communist
Holds meetings in [her] RV
I can't afford [her] gas
So I'm stuck here watching TV
I don't have digital
I don't have diddly squat
It's not having what you want
It's wanting what you've got

I'm gonna soak up the sun
Gonna tell everyone
To lighten up (I'm gonna tell 'em that)
I've got no one to blame
For every time I feel lame
I'm looking up o I'm gonna soak up the sun
I'm gonna soak up the sun
I've got a crummy job
It don't pay near enough
To buy the things it takes
To win me some of your love
Every time I turn around
I'm looking up, you're looking down
Maybe something's wrong with you
That makes you act the way you do
Maybe i am crazy too


I'm gonna soak up the sun
While it's still free
I'm gonna soak up the sun
Before it goes out on me
Don't have no master suite
I'm still the king of me
You have a fancy ride, but baby
I'm the one who has the key
Every time I turn around
I'm looking up, you're looking down
Maybe something's wrong with you
That makes you act the way you do
Maybe I am crazy too


I'm gonna soak up the sun
Got my 45 on
So I can rock on

This song describes our attitude about each other and life in general, although somethings don't ever go as planned we choose to bask in the glow of what life should be. Paige more than anyone else has taught me that being positive and finding the sunshine in every moment of everyday is why we are here.

For Good

Im limited
Just look at me - Im limited
And just look at you
You can do all I couldn't do, Glinda
So now it's up to you
For both of us - now it's up to you...

I've heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led
To those who help us most to grow
If we let them
And we help them in return
Well, I don't know if I believe that's true
But I know I'm who I am today
Because I knew you...

Like a comet pulled from orbit
As it passes a sun
Like a stream that meets a boulder
Halfway through the wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you
I have been changed for good

It well may be
That we will never meet again
In this lifetime
So let me say before we part
So much of me
Is made of what I learned from you
You'll be with me
Like a handprint on my heart
And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have re-written mine
By being my friend...

Like a ship blown from its mooring
By a wind off the sea
Like a seed dropped by a skybird
In a distant wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you

Because I knew you

I have been changed for good

And just to clear the air
I ask forgiveness
For the things I've done you blame me for

But then, I guess we know
There's blame to share

And none of it seems to matter anymore

Like a comet pulled from orbit
As it passes a sun
Like a stream that meets a boulder
Halfway through the wood

Like a ship blown from its mooring
By a wind off the sea
Like a seed dropped by a bird in the wood

Who can say if I've been
Changed for the better?
I do believe I have been
Changed for the better

And because I knew you...

Because I knew you...

Because I knew you...
I have been changed for good...

This song means more to me than any other song I have ever heard, not just because of Paige. However because of Paige this song makes me smile, Paige truly has left a unforgettable "Handprint on my heart". Without Paige there would be NO moments like these.
There it is - Katie and Paige in a nutshell.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm Not Going Anywhere

I don't know if it was here on this blog or in another unnamed place, but I've been quoted as saying 'good things don't last forever.' That is really the reason I started this blog, because I don't know how long this family will last but I always want to remember the insanity. I always want to be able to look back on this and laugh as I can hear Tanner screaming "YOU WHORE!" Ryan and his straight forward personality, and Katie with her plotting smile.
If you haven't been following us from the beginning, you might want to look back at the beginning because 1) the rest of our stories will make a lot more sense and 2) you'll notice that the first couple of posts (besides the one were I introduce everyone) feature Katie and I alone. I am, in no way, discrediting the guys, but I owe Katie for pretty much every happiness in my life. She was one of the first people I knew, without a doubt, I could always trust. Though this isn't the only thing she has done, it is the most important because her influence has allowed me to put more of myself into my life. Because I've had her to fall back on, I've, obviously, been able to enjoy myself more. I've been able to go about my usual activities without worrying about what other people think because she wouldn't care.
I'm not saying that Katie and I are falling apart, and I'm definitely not saying that I'm planning on it. I'm just trying to get across the point that situations and circumstances change. There are things we're all going to have to adapt to and things that will happen that might tear us apart. I like to look at it like the relationship Galinda and Elphaba have in the Broadway Classic Wicked. Two completely different people, thrown together in unpredictable circumstances, that became the best of friends - changing the other's life for the better.
There was a time, this past summer, that my dad was offered a totally legit job. He'd be able to do what he loved, but he'd be permanently stationed, so he could be home A LOT more than he is now. The catch? Home would have been down in Florida. After the summer I'd had, the one you have all read about, I couldn't imagine just leaving. I couldn't wrap my head around the idea that these moments might be the last I had with the people I loved more than anything in the world. It was so hard for me to accept, that it was a good month of family confusion before any of these guys found out it was a possibility. I'll admit, I kept it from them until there was actually legitimate cause to worry. The reactions were just as I'd thought they would be - and it killed me to watch them happen. I was going to miss them all so much more than I could ever even try to put into words, but there was an even deeper fear for losing the relationship I had with Katie.
When I get stressed like that, I write. I actually think that is another reason I started this blog. Either way, this situation obviously had me stressed out, and one of the more recent writing projects I'd tried was listening to a song and writing it's story. Like I'd said before, Katie and I's relationship reminded me of the friendship Galinda and Elphaba had. I sat back and looked at where I'd been and where I was now and their duet For Good depicted the exact emotions I was feeling. I knew, then, that our time might be slowly dwindling to a close but that there was no way I'd ever be able to forget it. She was and IS so much a part of me that I wouldn't have been able to if I wanted to. This is the result I got.
For Good
Katie grabbed my phone from my hand for the fifth time since she'd come to my house ten minutes ago. Frantically pressing buttons - I didn't ask what she was doing.
"Kate," I exhaled. "I've been texting and calling you for years. I have your number."
"I know," she sighed, handing my phone back.
I studied her face - her usually red skin was white, her confident blue eyes panicked.
"Katie, it'll be fine, I promise," I said, suddenly fighting my own tears. I took a deep breath to try and control myself. "I can't replace you. Even if I wanted to - it'd be impossible."
"Why are you moving?" she whispered.
"Because my dad got a job, remember? I don't want to go across the U.S.," I said. "You know I'm not going to be able to survive without the guys, let alone you."
"What will I do without my Paigey?"
"We can't fall apart, Kate. We've been through way too much for that," I said, chucking.
A watery laugh escaped, and I knew she was thinking about the times we'd been up past four in the morning having conversations deeper than our ages, the plays we'd suffered over, the secrets we'd shared - things that only we knew, not to mention the hot chocolate stains she'd left on the roof of my car. The tears welled up in my eyes yet again; I forced them back. I raked my brain for something to say - some way to express what she meant to me.
"Katie, you're my best friend. You can't imagine the influence you've been. You'll be with me. I'm not going to have to share you with everyone - you're a hand print on my heart."
A tear rolled down my cheek. I cursed myself.
She pulled me into a hug, "I love you, Paige. You've been all that and more for me. I'll beg my mom not to kill you for leaving me in this state."
"Well, she'd come to Florida, but you know she loves me too much."
"Are we ever going to see each other again?" she asked.
"I don't know. Katie, I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I ever hurt or offended you in anyway. I know I didn't mean to."
"Don't Paige, it goes both ways."
Standing there, staring at her, I couldn't honestly think of anything she'd ever done.
"Paige," my dad called. "Let's go."
I pulled Katie into a huge hug - trying to squeeze all of the thanks and pure emotion that I felt into her - I knew it would be the last chance I got.
"I love you, Katie," I whispered.
"I love you. For always."
I broke the embrace, and saw the tears falling, silently down her face. My eyes overflowed. I embraced her again, holding tightly to everything I couldn't lose.
"Paige, now," my mom said.
"Goodbye, Kate."
I pulled away and turned to the car, making sure I couldn't see her face - I knew I'd never be able to make myself leave if I did. In the car, I threw myself into the backseat - buckled myself in. Only then, I looked to see Katie's face. I pressed my hand - signing 'I love you' - against the window, finally letting the tears fall freely. She returned the gesture and my dad pulled away.
**DISCLAIMER** This didn't actually happen. It was just my idea of what would've happened had I been forced to relocate myself across the USA.