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Monday, May 9, 2011

A Day of Limitless Proportions

Our ENTIRE family works at the movie theatre, which means we all get free tickets. Let's just say that if you get to be friends with us, you'll never have to pay for another movie again. I only bring this up because this whole day started with Maddie - The Supreme Samurai - and I planning on going to the pre-screening of Limitless with Bradley Cooper. See, Maddie - The Supreme Samurai - has this inside joke with her ninjas about the word 'limitless,' and pancakes. I'm sure the story has been told on the Maddie - The Supreme Samurai's - blog (http://www.ifyoumustplaywithfire.blogspot.com/) so you can look it up there.
You'll see that it has to do with the limitless pancakes at IHOP - yes, they're limitless - , and Maddie - The Supreme Samurai - and I decided to celebrate the Limitless screening by going to get IHOP's limitless pancakes. We invited everyone in our family to join us but only Katie and Tanner could join - I have no idea where Ryan was. . . Anyway, we all got to IHOP - yes, they're limitless - and were escorted to a table. In all reality, we didn't really need an escort, the place was TOTALLY empty - which is really good, cause we didn't disturb anyone except the employees that are paid to deal with us. Thank heaven.
This particular day I was masquerading as a platypus. More specifically Perry the Platypus, nemesis to Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz and pet to Phineas and Ferb Flynn. We all started talking at the table - I swear, I told you that platypus thing for a reason, I'll get to it - and looking over our menus. Only a couple seconds with our menus and Maddie - the Supreme Samurai - gasped in horror.
"The pancakes. . . they have a limit," she whispered.
Tanner, Katie, and I all gasped in horror and began ripping through the menu in a frenzy. We needed Limitless pancakes - they have NO limit! The waiter came up to four worried faces.
"Do you guys have limitless pancakes?" I asked, pleading with my eyes and tones.
"We don't," he said, and all of our shoulders sagged. "You guys caught us in the off season. Can I get you guys drinks while you decide?"
We all ordered waters - this will be important later as well, I promise - and the waiter went to get them while we tried to decide on our NOT limitless food.
The waiter came back with our drinks and we all chose separate kinds of pancakes - Katie, however was torn between a couple options so she decided to ask one of the classic Katie questions.
"Excuse me, do you guys have MSG in your food?"
The waiter just blinked, and looked around awkwardly for a couple seconds, "Um. . . I don't know what that is. . ."
Maddie, Tanner, and I, of course, know all about MSG and Katie's severe allergies. We all exchanged laughing eyes, biting our lips to keep the laughter in for the sake of the waiter's pride.
"It's a preservative," Katie said. "I'm severely allergic to it, so I've gotta ask."
"Well, they never told me about it, so I don't think we've got it."
Tanner, Maddie, and I all made shocked, wide-eyes at the waiter. She's severely allergic and all he can say is 'I don't think we've got it.' However, it was good enough for Katie, so she ordered and we just talked amongst ourselves, drinking water all the while. The waiter actually had to come and fill our glasses before we got our food. Katie, Maddie, and I all thanked the waiter while Tanner obliviously kept the conversation going. The waiter nodded and left. About three minutes later, Tanner screamed.
There was a second where Katie, Maddie, and I just stared at him, blinking a couple of times, before we all burst out into lung-crushing laughter.
"Tanner, the waiter came and filled ALL of our glasses," Maddie said, wiggling her glass in her hand.
"Yeah, he stood there for a good minute or so," I said.
"RIGHT next to you," Katie pointed out.
"I didn't see him."
"How did you not see him, he was right next to you!"
"Are you sure?" Tanner asked, and we all just stared at him.
"Yeah, the water here is limitless," I said.
"It has NO limit," Katie and Maddie chorused.
Tanner just laughed and our conversation continued - interrupted by our random bites of NOT limitless pancakes. The meal was coming to a close, I'd finished completely and must have made some characteristically sarcastic remark about how slow they were eating, because Tanner ripped my Perry the Platypus hat off of my head and threw it to the next row of booths.
"MY PLATYPUS!!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, as I instantly began to jab my poking fingers into his side to get him out of the booth so I could retrieve my precious hat. The poking did very little, though, because apparently he'd never heard anyone yell for their platypus before. He fell over he was laughing so hard, and Katie and Maddie's heads had hit the table long ago. I could hear their laughter echoing off of the table and in the crooks of their arms. I forced my way out of the booth and leaped across the isle to save my poor, mistreated platypus.
As we left we waved good-bye to our wonderfully tolerant waiter, and I think there was a little bit of relief in his eyes as he returned the gesture.

Moments Like These

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