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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Raise Your Glass!

So, as a family, we have many time honoured traditions. Many of them were started by the stories catalogued here, but there is one that has yet to be discussed. Whenever we have something to celebrate, a huge event that comes along for our little family, we toast to the occasion with actual champagne flutes. There isn't actually champagne in them, we use apple bubbly as the acceptable 'Utah' substitute.
This past Monday, February 14 (a.k.a. Valentine's Day), was Tanner's 19th birthday! Added to the eventful weekend, our awesome family had a lot to celebrate, so, in preparation for the day's festivities I went and bought bubbly. We made some plans that ended up falling through, but we ended up meeting at the American Fork Zupa's - Home of the Seductive Fondue Fork - at 1:45. I got there first, carrying the bubbly in one of Katie's yearbook bags that I'd stolen ages ago. The bottles were clinking together, gaining me some suspicious glances from your everyday Mormon passerby. Ignoring their awkward stares, I began to stalk people for their booths (kind of another tradition).
Finally, a booth opened up and I occupied it - watching the door for the rest of my family members. Ryan, champagne flutes in hand, arrived first, then Tanner, and then Katie. We got up to order our food, and then wound up back in the booth - laughing and talking like the four of us end up doing all too often. About halfway through our meal, I glanced around the store and, when I saw that the manager was occupied, pulled out the two bottles of bubbly - apple and grape flavored. Next came the flutes, one by one out of their box, followed quickly by the bottle opener. I used the bottle opener for its intended purpose, and poured the drinks as if we did this - in a public restaurant - every day.
"To Tanner," Katie, Ryan, and I coursed, and we, all four of us clinked glasses - just like in the movies.
This rather loud encounter caught the attention of the manager, who decided to come over and investigate as I refilled the glasses.
"Wow, I've never seen this before," he said, standing, amused, over our table.
"It's kind of a tradition," I explained as I poured the first glass of grape flavored - red colored - bubbly.
"Woah, you've even got the red stuff," the manager said, earning us some concerned glances from the booth next to us. "It's not real is it?"
"Dude," Ryan said, "I'm underage."
We all laughed, including the manager.
"This is honestly one of the strangest things I've ever seen," the manager said.
"Oh, you have no idea," Katie muttered.
Tanner's face fell into his palm (that's sign for "THANK you, Katie."
"If you provide your own cup you're more than welcome to some," I said.
"I'm good," he replied smiling, "I've gotta get back behind the counter."
"Okay, well, have fun," I said.
He walked back, and we toasted, laughing, to the experience we'd just had - and the promise of more in the future.
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