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Thursday, September 9, 2010

No Service Hick-town? SPAM! (Part Two of the Epic Day Saga)

Ok, this post is a continuation of the Epic Day Saga. So the following events happened right after everything in Part One.
Ryan had a family thing in Manti - so he had to leave. Which meant things automatically got serious since he is our comic relief, right? HAHA no.
We'd had plans as a group to go and support our frind Jessica - the Graduate - in her graduation from the MATC CNA course. It was all the way up in who knows where, I just turned when my GPS's told me to. We ended up in (insert city name here)early enough to secure an out of the way seat that would allow Jessica - the Graduate - to see us when we would stand and cheer when they called her name.
No offense to Jessica - the Beautiful - but the ceramony was kind of boring. I was grateful that I skipped out on my own highschool graduation. I texted Ryan to let him know we were there and keep him updated on events because he had really wanted to go. It'd been ten minutes of people talking about the amazing establishment and blah blah blah, without Ryan texting back. So I texted him again : "Are you there?"
"Katie," I whispered. "Ryan isn't answering again."
"I know," she said, exasperated. "I texted him like thirty minutes ago!"
"Well, maybe we should keep texting him," I said, rather maniaclly. "He'll have to answer eventually!"
Her eyes glinted and I knew the Plotter was with me. She whispered the plan to Tanner, and we all pulled out our phones and began texting the most random things we could think of. This is how we spent the rest of the graduation ceramony - pausing to cheer Jessica - the Graduate - on, of course. Once the ceramony was over, all of the graduating students went out to meet their family and friends, and as we were on our way to meet Jessica - the Graduate - I had another brilliant idea.
"We should leave voicemails too," I said and Katie cackled.
We then began a calling circle, in which Katie died and came back twice. It was a truely epic waste of time.
We did have to get home, so we found a gas station so Tanner could put $10 dollars of gas in Denton's - The Car - tank so we could make it alive, and we each got a fifty cent soda. We all ended up at the pump, waiting for the tank to fill and drinking our sodas - having the time of our lives - when we all got the same text from Ryan:
I hate you all. I drive through some no service hicktown and I get 102 new text messages and 20+ voicemails!
We all threw our heads back and laughed. The cashier from the store shot us a weird look, and we just kept laughing. We all gave our certain replies and climbed into Denton - the Car - still laughing. And thus ends the Epic Day Saga.

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