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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Off-Roading Experience Part 2: Are we. . . ?

Okay, Katie and I end up doing this a lot. Hence the 'Part 2' and the up-coming 'Part 3' and the potential 'Part 4.'
Pre-story: Katie's mom is the best second grade teacher you'll ever come across. Her principal got a better job that opened up at a brand-new school - which came with the added bonus of choosing his two favorite teachers to join him. All of the teachers at his current school were able to submit applications to join him, and from those he choose who came and who stayed. Katie's mom never sent in an application but the principal practically begged her to come - on his hands and knees - so she acceptAlign Lefted. Which really annoyed our nemesis' mother - which is a completely different story for a completely different time.
This particular day, we were trying to find her mom's new school. Somewhere along the way, we made a wrong tun and ended up at the foot of a dirt road. Now, being me and Katie, we instantly decided to see where it went. As we pulled up closer we saw this sign:
NO hiking
NO mountain biking
NO hunting
I looked at Katie, "Kate, are we hiking?"
She smiled her own special plotting smile, "No, Paige, we are not."
"Mountain biking?"
"What about hunting?"
"Never," she laughed.
"Well then. . ."
"ONWARD!!" she cried pointing down the trail.
After being on the trail for a couple of minutes, we came around a corner and started seeing trucks and those little business buildings that look like the front office of the Island Park, Idaho dump. I'd been thinking about our last excursion (see 'The Off-Roading Experience Part 1: Trails), and these signs of civilization reminded me of the legal issues that could come up.
"Uh, Katie?" I asked as innocently as possible, "What do we say if we get caught?"
"We got lost," she said - that trademark 'plotter's smile' stretching across her face.
"Really? That's all you've got?"
"Paige," she said in her sarcastic explanation accent, "we're two teenage girls, in a piece of crap car (she patted Denton's - The Car - door endearingly as she said this). It's all we need."
Moments Like These

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