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Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's All Because of the Sewing Kit

First off, these memories are not in chronological order. This one just comes first because it's where we got our slogan that pretty much describes everything else that has ever happened in three words: Moments Like These.
Katie's older sister, Kimmy - Girlfriend of 'Spoon Me' - called late one stormy evening, while we were making our merry way home from Ryan's humble abode. The conversation went something like this:
Katie: Hey Kimmy, what's up?
Kimmy: Do you have a sewing needle?
Katie: Why would I have a sewing needle?
Paige (off to the side): I could probably find one if she needs it.
Kimmy: I just need one to finish putting these extensions together.
Katie: Paige says she can probably find one, we were gonna stop by her house to find my pants anyway.
Kimmy: Find your pants?
Katie: They went missing. We'll see if we can find your needle.
Kimmy: Thank you so much, Katie. 'Kay baby, see ya later.
Katie: Bye.
So we continued on to my house, with a whole new purpose. Not only did we have to find Katie's pants - this will be explained by a later post - we now had to find Kimmy a sewing needle - all in time for Katie to get home for school in the morning.
I said we'd probably be able to find a needle at my house because my dad - the Traveler - travels a lot. He's racked up about a million frequent flier points and another million Hilton Honors points. He also has quite a collection of all the hotel merchandise you could think of: shampoo's, conditioner's, pens, pads of paper, soaps, hand lotion, mouthwash, shower caps, Q-tips, cotton balls, and sewing kits. He has them stashed all over his closet in these 'super secret' places that I found when we moved into the house - so before we went hunting for Katie's pants, I dragged her into his closet.
Upon entering said closet, we saw most of the Hotel merchandise mentioned above sorted into little Tupperware containers. We searched through the containers in vain, there were no sewing kits to be found. Looking around the closet, though, it wasn't hard to spot the next hiding spot - a gigantic pool bag and a gigantic Banana Republic bag up on top of his shelves. Being no taller than your average floor lamp, I had to jump to snag the bottom of said bags to get them off the shelves.
The bags fell and gallons upon gallons of shampoo, conditioner, etc. cascaded upon us - a few of the bottles exploding on impact. We searched through the pile, 4 oz. bottle by 4 oz. bottle, and there were no sewing kits, so we had to pile them all back into the pool bag and awkwardly stuff them into the now mostly destroyed Banana Republic bag. Once we'd shoved them off to the side, we exited the closet to search his next 'secret place' - the bathroom drawers.
The first one just had everyday bathroom stuff in it, and the second was much the same. When we got down to the third one, we struck gold. There were some more Q-tips, a couple of cotton balls, a bag of dog treats, and about five sewing kits.
We pocketed two of them, just in case, and went on to search for Katie's pants. About fifteen minutes later we were back in my car, headed to deliver the sewing kits to Kimmy. An odd scent reached my nose.
"Katie, I smell like shampoo," I complained.
She just laughed, "That is not something I ever expected to hear you say - especially at this time of night."
I glanced at the clock which read 11:50, and started cracking up all over again.
"It's moments like these. . . " I said, trailing off into more rambunctious laughter.
"Oh, Paige," she said, pushing the door to her sleeping house open.
Moments Like These

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