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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Well, We're Not Really Sure What He's Talkin' About

So, this was the first Saturday of Katie's Seattle trip - obviously she'll be absent from this story. But never fear, dear readers, we get to introduce a new character into our story today. In all honesty, she should have entered a long time ago - she's just never been a part of, as they say, 'blog-worthy' events.
Ryan found out about a Forever The Sickest Kids concert for free at the Fashion Place Mall from his friend, Mandi, that he hadn't seen in AGES. She was going to be there, and wanted him to come so they could actually SEE each other. Ryan didn't want to go up all alone, so Tanner and I got invited. My parents had taken one of my three little sisters to Orlando - the rest of us went a while ago. . .The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is AMAZING, by the way.) - and the youngest - mentioned previously on this blog as TTB - was at Lagoon with her friends, so Cassidy - The Accepted - got to come with me. It was to be her first concert ever. . .
Anyway, we'd planned to meet at Ryan's house, go to Barnes & Noble, and end up at the mall in time for Forever The Sickest Kids to go on. When Cass and I got to Ryan's house, we ended up watching him play Twilight Princess for a while - entertaining I know, but you have to give us a little credit, our Adventure was in a completely different state, we're lucky we had plans at all.
Now it may be my fault, as practically the only record keeper of this family, but I can't really remember when Tanner joined the story. I just know he was in my car when we left Ryan's house for Barnes & Nobel. We spent a lot of time there, seeing as it's mine and Ryan's favorite place on earth. I bought one of the Scott Pilgirm series, Fahrenheit 451, and Name of the Wind. Tanner bought himself another copy of The Road. Ryan bought some poetry books. . . I think.
Once we were done there, we left to Fashion Place. When we got there, we realized that the other band playing was still going, and Ryan didn't want to force his way through the mosh pit to find Mandi, so we decided to give in to Cassidy's pleadings and go peruse the mall. We looked into practically every store - I pointed out all of the lovely light fixtures - and got food from Pretzel Time. We meandered back out to the concert to find this black hippie guy on stage.
When I say hippie, I MEAN hippie. He had these huge black shades on, his hair was all up in dreadlocks and he was up on stage preaching about peace and love. Ryan started texting Mandi, telling her to come find us. Tanner and I finally got to meet the amazing Mandi, and then Forever the Sickest Kids came on. Now, I'm not a huge fan of these guys. I think they're great and all, but I only know TWO, count 'em TWO, of their songs. So when Ryan and Mandi ended up joining the mosh pit, Tanner, Cass, and I hung back. Cass more because I didn't want to let her out of my sight. It was a wonderful concert! The music rocked and about half way through, Cass got anxious so I sent her up with Ryan and she moshed with him and Mandi. Tanner and I just kind of chilled in the back.
The band finished their set list and walked off the stage, got an encore, came back, played another song and then left, so the black hippie returned. He came on stage and started preaching again, it went something like this:
"We have such a beautiful earth. We are so lucky and we need to treat it and all of God's creations right. Whenever you go to leave the water on, turn it off. When ever you go to leave the lights on, turn them off. When ever you go to litter, don't. Just think of all those poor animals - all the possums with their heads caught in the plastic, all the scorpions with their heads stuck in the plastic. If you love your earth show me your hearts."
This was not some kind of cannibalistic ritual, I promise. Geez, I wouldn't take my 14 year old sister to one of those! The whole crowd - Tanner and I, included - put their hands together to make hearts and put them in the air. At this point a techno beat started banging through the speakers, and the hippie continued.
"Now, bounce with your heart, bounce with your heart. If you love your planet, just bounce with j'heart, bounce with j'heart. . . " so on and so forth.
It was quite hysterical, and I think Cass was a little confused. We parted ways with Mandi, and ended back at my house relaxing in my theatre room. If that doesn't sound like a nice full day, I don't know what is.

Moments Like These

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