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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Deed is Done

It has begun.
Probably the three most terrifying words I can hear from any one of my family members. Especially the 'IT' part. 'IT' can mean anything - and I mean anything. If you don't believe me, scroll though the archives of this blog - though it wasn't always written, 90% of these stories began with those three words. More recently, these words have led to some kind of battle - thus the beginning of the Great Prank War of 2011.
As you have all read, we have a history of attacking people's cars. Katie and I more so than the boys. Apparently they've been biding their time, waiting until the next time we attacked until they could retaliate. Which we never did . . . so I have NO clue why they did. They'll probably pass it off as some kind of chivalry - but they were just scared.
Just a day ago, Katie and I signed them up for this ridiculous fan club thing, and apparently it was an insult to their manhood. *I later found out that the fact that we said that they're men so they can't be creative was what really insulted their manhood. I guess we'll see if they prove us wrong.* This offense could not go unpunished, so the boys ended up at Ryan's house planning their next move. Naturally, Katie and I found this out, and with a little coaxing from my little Plotter, drove to his house - intent on severely creeping them out. Creepy being the objective, we took Death - Eater of Humans - and circled Ryan's neighborhood four times. Each time we passed his house we pulled into his driveway and flashed his house with the brites. On the last time, Katie turned the car off and sat in the driveway for a good minute, and then turned it back on. Tanner's terrified face appeared as his hand ripped the curtain out of the way of the window, and we shot out of Ryan's driveway cackling the entire time.
This creeping was FINALLY the last straw for the boys. They hit Death - Eater of Humans - with shaving and whipping cream. Fortunately for me, Denton was tucked safely in Maddiline - The Supreme Samurai's - garage, and the guys, with all of their extensive planning, ran out of supplies. So my car was unmarred, but the boys had declared open warfare.
Being the civilized teens that we are, our war actually has rules. They are as follows:
  1. NO rice, sparkles, or confetti (no exceptions)
  2. NO repeats (though ideas can be remade)
  3. Attacks must be every other - boys, girls, boys, girls (April Fools is free game)
  4. If the prankee is out of town their car is off limits
  5. NO permanent damage
  6. NO outsiders
  7. Prank cannot be an inconvenience to prankee's family
  8. The opposite party must be notified when the prank has been delivered (a.k.a. 'The deed is done' or 'You asked for it')
  9. Detailed pictures MUST be taken of every prank for documentation on this blog
  10. Birthdays are off limits
  11. To end the war, the surrendering party must hang the 'White Flag of Shame' on the front of their base - visible to the general public for at least a week. The winning party will take that action as their cue to cease the attacks.
**Punishment for ANY broken rule: the opposing team will be granted the ability to attack twice in a row.
***This list of rules is subject to be modified, added to, or subtracted from with the consent of every member of every party.
Hello, boys?
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