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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

There's 104 Days of Summer Vacation. . .

Well, we finally got to our family summer kick off! In the tradition of all of our best adventures, it was almost completely spur of the moment.
There is this AWESOME river that is extremely close to my house. It pulls through a randomly forested patch of land in the Alpinian suburbs, complete with random derelict tree houses and winding dirt trails. At one of the curves in the river the trail goes the other way leaving a tear shaped peninsula type thing at the bank of the river - the perfect place to relax, take in the beautiful scenery, and let the sound of the rushing water cascade over you as the sun beats down and warms your skin. That's only during the day though.
We decided to go at night. SO much better in my opinion - but that might be my heat sensitivity and nocturnal tendencies kicking in. Anyway, Ryan and I had to work at our second job at Jimmy Johns until about 10 o'clock - once we were off we stopped by his house so he could change and we could meet with Tanner and Katie and then we headed towards the trail head. I'd already packed a blanket, almost a million little candles, a lighter, and Kiwi - my laptop - so we gathered our supplies and headed down to the peninsula. You're all probably wondering why I brought my laptop - I'm writing a book, which STILL has no title, that is all about spirits called elementals. They are made up of, live in, and can control all four elements. This tear drop peninsula is the PERFECT place to sit and write - especially for my elemental story, but really for anyone trying to write anything. I was going to write while they all laid around and talked.
That probably sounds odd to ya'll, I mean, kind of lame for an epic summer kick off right? WRONG. The way I see it, summer is about kicking back and relaxing, *cough. . .KATIE. . .cough* so what better way to start it than relaxing with each of our three favortie people in the entire world.
Besides, we've got style.
Once we got there, I laid out the blanket and opened my laptop while the other three started lighting candles. Once they had a good ammount (a.k.a. all of the candles were lit), they spent a good five to ten minutes arranging them around the edge of our peninsula. According to Ryan, 'They create a shield, so that we can be safe here this late at night. When they burn out the smoke continues in the other demensions and the barrier stays - so long as the candles were actually lit.'
We're all a little weird, okay?

Moments Like These

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